Wednesday, October 25, 2006

توالت فرنگی مسلمونی!! ساخت جاپون

خدا به سر شاهده که این فکر از خیلی وقت پیش ها تو سرم بودها ولی وقت نمی شد روش تمرکز کنم. حالا باز باید بگیم ایرانیِ و یک فروند آفتابه
توضیحات بیشتر و از سایت کمپانی می زارم
TOTO Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of toilets in Japan and not so small in the US with TOTO USA Inc. Most American’s may associate the name Toto with a small dog in The Wizard of Oz or a popular 80’s rock band. In the 80’s when the American rock band Toto toured Japan, they remarked that they were confused to find their band’s name on public toilets everywhere.
The "Washlet" is a trade name assigned to a now common, technically advanced toilet. You don't need tissue paper to use a Washlet. Automated water jets do the cleaning followed by air jets to dry you off. It's not nearly as simple as it sounds though. Upscale models have control panels with 10, 20 or 30 buttons and digital displays. Why would anyone need to have this much control over a toilet? let me tell you why.
The water jet's position can be controlled as well as the spray pattern. On some models buttons clearly indicate how the spray should be selected. One for men, another for women, another for.. well anything. The seat is raised and closed with other buttons. The seat can be heated. The cleansing spray can be heated. It goes on and on.
About half of all households in Japan posses one these modern toilets. This isn't a fad. The high tech toilet is big and catching on in the US. Some latest models can even analyze your health by measuring the sugar level in your urine. Where will toilet technology end?

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